A film or photographic location is any place where filming or photography takes place that is not a studio.

When you watch an advert, a TV drama, a film or look at a photo in a magazine, more often than not it has been shot within a real property, possibly just like yours. From an aircraft hanger to a garden shed, they are all potential locations.

No. All types of property, big or small, residential or commercial, have the potential to be suitable for filming or photography. Locations of all shapes and sizes are required.

You could earn anything from £500-£2,500+ per day, depending on the project. We have property owners that make a living from hiring out their properties to film crews. That could be you!

Anyone can. There are no restrictions as to who can host a film crew and hire out their property, providing you own the property.

There are some factors that may make your property more commercial. Being close to London or any of the other major cities that are home to production companies will always help, simply due to logistics.

Your property doesn’t have to be big, shiny and expensive. More often than not we are looking for everyday properties that just have character.

Film production companies, TV production companies, photographers, magazines, events companies, game developers and the music industry, amongst others, all use locations.

If you are interested in putting your property forward as a location, then simply email us at info@wearefind.com or even give us a call on 020 7993 4000.

It is helpful if you can send us some photographs of the property so that we can advise you of its suitability.

Once you are registered to our database, if a production company chooses your property as a potential location, then they will usually do a ‘recce’. This is when the production company will visit your property and assess whether it fits the creative brief. If selected they will agree all the details, for example timings and fees, in advance of any filming.

Nothing. Registering and marketing your property with our library is free.

If you are selected to have filming at your property, through find, we will take a commission from the location fee, which is paid by the production company. All payments are normally done in advance of any filming.

The production company will have its own public liability insurance, and we never recommend filming unless the production company has a minimum of £5,000,000 cover.

We will also take a deposit from the production company to cover any accidental damage that occurs, or as compensation if a shoot runs over the agreed timings.

The deposit is only returned to the production company once we have confirmed that the property is reinstated to the satisfaction of the owner.

The fee is paid to find, who then pays you directly.

You should not need to do anything apart from arrange for someone to allow access to the property for the dates and times of the recce and filming.

Yes. You will receive a location contract from us between yourself and the production company for each film project at your property. The contract will include all the details such as timings, where and what will be filmed, dates and fees etc. The details of the contract will be agreed before filming takes place and ensures that your property will be left as it was found.

All the information relating to your property is held on our secure database. Your details are not accessible to the public. We will only introduce you to clients with your permission.