We Are Find supplies locations to the film, photography and events industries. Our team have decades of combined experience having worked on some of the largest films and TV projects in the UK, including numerous award winning commercials over the last 20 years.  


We Are Find is focused on developing individually tailored relationships with property owners. We have the expertise to create additional income for your property. we will make the process easy, so this does not take up your time.  We can generate enquiries, undertake full hire administration, contracting, invoicing, credentials check, after care service. We partner with owners to create bespoke management packages for your properties. 


For production Companies, we have the knowledge. if we don’t already have the ideal location within our library, then we can find the location you need. If you call our library you will talk with someone with actual production experience. We have a team of location managers that have worked on Feature films, commercials, dramas, stills and events. We have worked all over the UK. We can take care of scouting, permits, contracts, fees and managing locations. At Find we have decades of experience. Even if you just want advice. If you can imagine it, we can find it