'EU Referendum' Academy Films: Dir. Nadia

EU Referendum

Quite surprisingly, the most challenging element of this project was the subject. It didn't matter that we were shooting a public awareness commercial for the Electoral Commission. Which, in essence, did not lean either way voting wise. The mere fact that we were working on a project to do with the EU Referendum immediately made people ask questions.

Every location we approached asked which way we were voting... as if we were the spokes person for the whole crew! We even had one senior member of a London borough cancel our filming on the tech recce (despite a signed location contract with them) because they were nervous the advert would generate ill feeling within their local councils.

Political problems aside, find set about searching for Nadia's locations across London. And the list of locations was diverse. Well of course..... it has to represent the whole of the UK.

Using a small team of scouts out on the ground, as well as tapping into our own location library, we were able to pull together a sound 1st batch of locations. Our initial directors scout then enabled us to lock down a couple of key locations. This allowed us to focus our search geographically around West London, as far out as Slough, and then East London, heading way out towards City Airport.

Filming was schedules over two days, with three locations for each day, and the end result looks great!

To see Nadia's stunning commercial, click here. Or for even more films visit our vimeo page. 

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